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The best machine on the market--hands down!!  Why?  The Boss Kut is easy to use, has accurate cutting, and  cuts 3" wide and up to 12" long dies!  Our system is a one press cutting system. It is quick and simple to use. Boss Kut will cut card stock, adhesive back vellums, metal papers, cork, foam, felt, some fabrics.

We are very excited about offering you all our wonderful dies at INCREDIBLE prices.  All of Boss Kut's dies are wafer-thin dies, very similar to a Quickutz die. Boss Kut dies start at $3.99 MSRP for shapes and $49.99 MSRP for a complete alphabet set.

Boss Kut Operating Instructions

The Boss Kut will cut most chemically etched dies up to 3" wide and 12" long.  Your Boss Kut comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Cutting Instructions
  •   Place die cutter on a solid flat surface. 

  •  Place your cutting pad in the recessed area on the base of machine.

  • The product you are wanting to cut should be placed on your cutting pad first.  Be sure you place the side of the paper you want to show in the up position so that the foam side of the die is on top of it.
  • Next place your die on the paper and be sure your die is centered on the cutting pad.  Place the foam side down on top of your paper.
  • After centering the paper and die on the cutting pad slide the cutting pad into the machine.  Always try to center the die that is being cut under the center of the pressure plate for best results.     


Cutting Pad

It is really important to put the cutting pad in the machine going the right direction so the die will cut properly.  There are two notches on the sides of the cutting pad. The notch in the center of the pad is the one you center your die on. The notch closest to the end of the cutting pad is the one you slide up until it is even with the opening of the machine.  If you are cutting a larger die you may have to slide the die thru the machine in two passes.  Slide the die part way in, press and then slide the back part of the die so it is under the cutting plate and press down again.


We are adding fun and colorful accessories to make toting your Boss Kut to all your favorite crops, conventions, and classes a breeze.  As scrapbookers, we know ALL the gazillion things we try to take to a crop, we want you to find taking the Boss Kut anywhere you go will be simple and fun.  Not to mention, we want you to take it EVERYWHERE. Show off your adorable little machine that cuts the finest, most detailed alphabets to all your scrapbooking buddies!!!  


Yes and No!  How is that for an answer!!  Some of our dies will work perfectly in other machines and some will not.  The reason behind this is very simple--we have a top-notch machine that distributes even pressure allowing the dies to be cut more uniformly--because of this, we are able to fit more on one die!!!  Sometimes dies with multiple letters, or shapes will not cut as well on some of the other machines. 

Quickutz dies will cut superbly in our machine, along with any other company that makes a similar die.  Sizzlets will need an adaptor pad that will be sold separately to work with the Boss Kut.


Our dies are thin chemically etched dies which cut with amazing precision and are very easy to store and use!  These dies are very similar to a Quickutz.


We are working with  incredibly knowledgeable people, whom want to create lasting quality in all dies, cutters, and accessories--we anticipate no problems.  With that being said, we do realize that in any kind of manufacturing there could be something that does not meet the consumers need.  We stand behind our product 100%--if for some reason you get something that is not working properly we will look into it and do everything we can to help.


We hope this answers some questions for you and gets you excited about the hottest new scrapbooking tool in 2005!!!  



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